Other Technology Integrations


I have been integrating technology into my instruction since my student teaching back in 2000 just because I thought that it was good for students. One of the neat (or frustrating) aspects of tech integration is that the tools are often changing and are, therefore, many and varied.

Whether you are using SMARTBoards, responder software, or just have a couple of old desktop computers in the back of your classroom, there are ways that you can better serve your students through not only allowing them (and this is a huge transition for a lot of teachers) to access the technology, but by making it a key component of your instruction.

Now I get that this makes some of you a little uncomfortable, but we are no longer living in the age of industrial-model education. So, first, relax and breathe – neither you nor the kids are going to break the Internet. Then peruse the ideas below to see what will work for your classroom and your students.

Why Use Technology – Mark’s Soapbox

Why use technology? Here’s my answer. Ok, so maybe you didn’t ask, but I frequently come across the idea – and oddly enough this comes mostly from teachers themselves –…