iPads in the Classroom

ipad students

Let’s face it – iPads have been a staple of instructional technology for about  the last six to eight years, and despite the upsurge in Chromebooks, they aren’t going anywhere soon. And rightfully so! When used properly (and by that, I mean going beyond Puentadura’s substitution level in which teachers replace paper worksheets with digital ones on the iPads), they are a powerful tool for students to demonstrate their learned knowledge and skills in new and innovative ways.

Browse my posts below for ideas that you can incorporate today with one iPad in your class or a full class set.

I have worked closely with the use of iPads in 1:1 programs in a dozen schools over the last four years – and in that have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Some of the successes and failures are due to fidelity to school implementation plans and other high-level decisions that don’t need to be discussed here, but I will share what individual teachers can do to successfully embed these tools – whether you have a dedicated iPad for each student or just one for the classroom to share – into daily instruction.


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