Google in the Classroom

Google, or let me say “G Suite for Education” has dominated other software and hardware vendors for around the last three years, and G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education, but I don’t think they liked being referred to as GAFE) is the reason why. Google has invested heavily in providing high quality apps that integrate with each other and can be used as a significant component of effective instruction.

In the articles below, you will find numerous ways in which you can use G Suite tools to make teach your students awesome. 

G Suite

Chromebooks are a major reason that has contributed to the success of Google in the education arena, but why?

First and foremost, they are extremely inexpensive to purchase (you can find them for less than $200), making them practically disposable. When it costs more to repair a device than to replace it, the choice is easy. When you think about it, textbooks for a student cost more than a Chromebook does and, although textbooks may last longer than the device, the cost is about equivalent over the long haul.

Now, the important reason (which is usually not the first reason) is that Chromebooks can be issued to students – whether to take home on a 1:1 assignment or in class for individuals or small groups – allowing them to access the full power of Google and the internet at their fingerprints.