What's Your Flavor of Awesome?​

Google in the Classroom

During the last three to four years, Google products have increasingly dominated the education landscape, but so very often it is underutilized and does not reach its full potential. Find out what you can do to teach awesome with Google here.

iPads in the Classroom

iPads have been at the center of the shift to integrate more and more technology into classrooms, and, when used correctly, they continue to be a highly effective (meaning awesome) tool for students to learn and to demonstrate their learning.

Other Tech Integration

Most other technology that is available for classroom teachers is being utilized far beneath its capacity. If you have an interactive whiteboard (SMART or other) or some other technology and what to find out how to unlock the magic.

Teach Me Awesome...

What does that mean?

If you think about it, this is really what your students are asking for – awesome learning experiences day after day, week after week, year after year. The fact that you are here, looking at this website right now, means that this is what you want to provide for your students too, but you need a little bit of help.

If this describes you, then you that you have come to the right place!

At Teach Me Awesome, you will find The resources that you need to be able to effectively, efficiently, and successfully Teach with technology in your classroom, improving the overall learning, and increasing your ‘Awesome.’  – after all, isn’t this why we entered into this profession in the first place – to teach our students awesome?

So... what does awesome look like?

We all know that we want a classroom where we the students are engaged, attentive, and eating out of the palm of our hands – but is that really what awesome looks like? Perhaps we at “Teach Me Awesome” have a little different picture of awesome teaching. Find out more as you explore our site.

What is Teach Me Awesome?

Helping you teach with more awesomeness through tech integration with Mark Oakden
Mark Oakden

Mark Oakden

Welcome to Teach Me Awesome! I know that the name is a little bit different, and you are probably wondering, “What is Teach Me Awesome?”
In one sentence, it is an answer to the unspoken call from all of our students to have awesome instruction in their classrooms.
More specifically, this is my personal website and blog to provide teachers with tools and resources that can help make their instruction awesome through purposeful and deliberate technology integration.
I have actively used and advocated for technology as an instructional tool since the days of my student teaching in the fall of 2000. My experience includes 11 years teaching middle school and high school English, three years as a school administrator, four years as a district-level technology integration administrator, and weekends as an adjunct professor for a graduate-level teacher preparation program.
Philosophically, I believe that it is about instruction and not about the tool – after all, the tools that I was using and training on, even just four years ago, have changed, and we must anticipate that they will continue to change – and that that rate of change will even accelerate.
What does this mean? It means we, and our students, must be proficient learners, that we first have to understand strong pedagogy, and then, with a purpose anchored in that understanding, determine which (if any) tool is the most appropriate vehicle to get us to where we want to go.
With that said, on this site you will see resources for all of the technology tools that are available without discrimination & I won’t even enter into the Apple -vs- Google debate. Instead, you will find resources and ideas here for both, and everything else under the sun!
Finally, the most important aspects of my life surround my sweet wife of more than twenty years, Nicole, and my four children – ranging from 18 to four years old. I would truly be remiss if I didn’t express my gratitude to them for allowing me the time to pursue this passion of mine.


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